About me

For more than 12 years I have been practicing acrylic painting, I waited all these years to loose the fear of showing my artwork tp the public, this month finally I started a website and a fb page for my art. I LOVE to create a new piece of art daily


Mother nature and its beauty inspires me every day. Visiting art galleries, museums, and reading art magazines and collecting photographs have always helped me to stay inspired .

Mis Metas. My Goals

Dar a conocer mi creatividad, mostrar mi arte, crear un portafolio,organizar eventos, buscar espacios , invitar amigos y vecinos a reuniones de apreciación. Todos son bienvenidos para unirse a este espacio.

Creating a website has been the first step on showing my Art to the public, my expectations are to be part of the group of all the talented artists  in this community, start building my carrer and taking it to the next level.

EL PODER DE PERTENECER a la comunidad de Beaverton, OR.

Soy muy afortunada de ser parte de esta fascinante, cálida y multifacética comunidad en el area de Beaverton, OR. aquí sin duda he recibido la estabilidad  y elapoyo que  todo artista necesita para alcanzar sus metas.   

This amazing community as well as my family have provided me with all the encouragemente I needed to pursue my goals as an Acrylic Painter and Crafter

Welcome to my page!

Soy Pintora Realista Autodidacta. realizo mi trabajo con Acrilicos.

I am a self-taught artist and also a crafter, all my paintings are done with acrylics, I also enjoy making Art Journals and decorating its pages with love and details, also I like to work with fabrics and creating not only crafts, but also designing clothes, hand bags etc, since I was a 7 years old.